"Frog Kingdom – Extreme Sports" premiere

“Frog Kingdom – Extreme Sports” premiere skateboard team quickly assembled jqknews

September 5, 2022

“Frog Kingdom – Extreme Sports” premiere skateboard team quickly assembled jqknews

On the afternoon of September 3, produced by Jilin Jidong Yushuo Film and Television Media Co., Ltd. and jointly produced by Jilin Animation Academy, Jilin Jidong Culture and Art Group Co., Ltd., and Jilin Jidong Tianbo Film and Television Production Co., Ltd. The Frog Kingdom – Extreme Sports” held a premiere viewing session with the theme “Follow the Wind, Youth Growth Unlimited” in Beijing Wanda Cinema (Wangjing Poly Light & Magic). They interact enthusiastically.

The theme song ignites the atmosphere of the scene, and the screenwriter reveals the behind-the-scenes story

At the scene that night, the powerful singer-songwriter Zhang Siyuan sang the theme song of the movie “Come Together”. He gained super popularity with his original works such as “Little Cutie and Little Tie” and “Whatever You”. As an alumnus of Jilin Animation Academy, this time Zhang Siyuan expressed his honor and pride in joining the animated film “Frog Kingdom – Extreme Sports” produced by his alma mater. The dynamic music, the rhythm of strong memory points, the positive energy lyrics that fit the theme, the blood is boiling and the excitement is exciting. The atmosphere at the screening ceremony reached its climax. The screenwriter of the film, Alex Weight, was unable to arrive at the scene due to travel reasons, but he revealed the behind-the-scenes story of the film’s creation through the VCR, talking about the original intention of the film and the theme conveyed by the film, and encouraged the children to be like Princess Gek and Raindrops in the film , bravely pursue your dreams.

The excellent production has been well received by the audience and has become the first choice for the Mid-Autumn Festival family carnival.

Passionate and cool pictures and passionate stories have been well received by audiences big and small, especially the children at the scene, who are fans of Princess Jike and Raindrop, want to become good friends with them, want to join their team, and compete for the championship together ! Many parents also said that they were moved by the stories inside. The two touching parent-child lines of Princess Jike and the old king, Little Groundhog and Master Rat touched their hearts, and they also deeply understood the importance of parent-child relationship to children’s growth. Finally, the audience took a group photo with the main creators, and ended the premiere of “Frog Kingdom – Extreme Sports” in a happy and peaceful atmosphere. After the premiere, a small audience said, “The Frog Kingdom series never disappoints. As always, it is warm-blooded but humorous and fun. With the elements of extreme sports, it becomes a joyful adventure blockbuster in seconds.” Fans also expressed their right to The hip-hop street trend and skateboarding competition throughout the film are impressive, and many BGMs also make the audience feel “overhead”.

On-site skateboard teenagers collectively called the frog princess and received praise

It has been nine years since the first film of the “Frog Kingdom” series of animated films was released, and has been loved and concerned by many audiences. “Frog Kingdom – Extreme Sports“, as the third part of the series, incorporates a lot of hip-hop and skateboarding elements. In addition to the “Frog Princess” who made a stunning appearance in the movie with a sweet and cool street style, the newly added member, Stupid Groundhog, also learned to skateboard, so that the elements of extreme sports and the joyful core of the series of animations are skillfully integrated. To this end, this premiere viewing party specially invited the coaches and students of the Beijing Aomai Sports Skateboard Agency to call the frog princess Jike in the form of an exhibition competition before the show. Aomai Sports, since its launch in 2009 by the “Roller Skating Club”, has been committed to the sports performance of children and roller skating (roller skating, skateboarding, skating) sports education. Over the past 13 years, we have not forgotten our original intention, adhering to the core value of “education by heart”, focusing on “morality”, taking “interest” as the form, and “education” as the characteristic, teaching students in accordance with their aptitude. Let sports become the best partner of every child in the growth process, and let children be willing to exercise, insist on sports, and love sports! Tap your body’s potential and make growth visible! After watching the film, Zhang Qian, co-founder and head coach of Omar Sports, said: “Extreme Sports is unique in the selection of skateboard materials at the domestic animation level. What I want to pass on to the students is that after watching the movie, children will love sports more and understand the spirit of sports. Here I call on all parents to bring their children to the cinema to watch and learn!”

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As an excellent domestic animation IP, “Frog Kingdom – Extreme Sports” also hopes to stimulate the audience’s interest in outdoor sports, collective sports and solidarity while enriching the spiritual entertainment life of children and adolescents, and calls on children to develop their own hobbies. Sports, strengthen senior physique, refine senior will. The movie “Frog Kingdom-Extreme Sports” will officially land on the national theaters on the Mid-Autumn Festival on September 10, and the pre-sale channel is now open. The sincere family carnival movie is very suitable for the whole family to watch together. Bring your children to the cinema, and the friends of Frog Kingdom will accompany you to spend the Mid-Autumn Festival together!