PRANK - Short Film - Writer/Director

PRANK - Short Film - Writer/Director


PRANK - Short Film - Writer/Director

Writer/Director - “Prank” - Live action horror short film.

“Prank” tells the story of three young teenage boys Richie (Jesse Hyde), Bobby (Karl Beattie) and Sam (Benson Anthony) who come together for just one special night to catch up with an old friend they haven't seen in years. It's not until they arrive at their destination do things take a turn for the worse.


Official Selection:
• Best Shorts Competition - WINNER 2015
• NYC Horror Film Festival 2014
• Knoxville Horror 2014
• Sydney Underground Film Festival 2014
• Monster Fest 2014
• Zero Film Festival LA 2014
• Shriekfest Horror Film Festival LA 2014
• Nevermore Film Festival 2015
• RIP Horror Film Festival 2015
• Cannes Underground Film Festival 2015
• St Kilda Film Festival 2015

Written and Directed by: Alex Weight
Produced by: Aaron Bush
Cinematography : Simon Harding
Edited by : Christian Gazal

Starring: Benson Anthony, Jesse Stephen Hyde, Karl Beattie, Jeremy Shadlow, Michelle Collins ,
Billy Shaw Voysey, Benjamin Ingram, Josette Martinez

• Planned and directed locations, shots, and pacing, acting styles of the movie.

• Oversaw the cinematography and technical aspects.

• Coached actors and directed them towards the required performances.

• Oversaw all aspects of post-production. From Edit & Audio to VFX.



Based in Sydney Australia, Alex Weight is a freelance director, with over 2 decades of experience across both live-action and animated productions.

Alex has experience directing over the entire pipeline of animated productions. From Pre-Production to Post and everything in-between.

Alex welcomes all creative projects big and small, across all formats.